Combat Log SD 11501.17


USS Javelin XPF3S on patrol

Game night duration 2:28 Details to follow

A) Free Late 535. Victor = Belkov

Fed DVLX with F14C & A10 vs FHU, FCR, FCR


They’re phasing through rocks, Captain!

B) Free4All Advanced 300 Asteroid belt.   Victor = (B)

Fed CAIp w/ RFP & PFP vs SBH SCPF, SNP. Tested asteroids/phasing issue; Belkov doesn’t see asteroids and they have no effect on his units. Game crashes on B side

C) Battlefest Lite L

XPF3, CB vs SEA, FFHA; disconnect on both sides – flying and fighting but no effect on either side

D) Free4All L. Victor = Montel


Another disconnect issue – still “playing” but not against each other


SD114.00-11412.31 Review

(More to follow, but in brief review)


16 meetings with a  total of 54 Battles:

  • 44 Free4All – 17 to M, 24 to B, 3 incomplete
  • 8 Fests (various) – 6 to M, 2 to B
  • 2 Random Space Bats – 2 to M

Records prior to 10801.01 are incomplete, but from that stardate on, a minimum of 565 battles fought to date

Assessment of Impact of OP2013/14 Upgrade

Brief synopsis, details to follow:


I began reviewing the data on how the new upgrade has been working, mostly by assessing victory conditions at this point, since I felt that a clear shift in one direction or another might be easily identified this way. Basing my data on the fact that we initiated using the OP13 upgrade on 11307.13, and the OP14  update that followed, that as of 11410.01:

  • 45 Free4All battles have been played
  • victories are Montel = 19, Belkov = 24, N/A = 2
    • of 45 Belkov victories/defeats – as race “R” =  20 victories/16 defeat
      not as race “R”, 4/4
  • in 23 of 45 battles, Belkov used ships from OP13/14, winning 14 to 9 losses

More data analysis to follow, comparing these stats to Montel results and against previous years


Further analysis of the data from this time period, as well as from more recently, indicate that there is some imbalance in favor of the Colonial ships. When using “new” units, Belkov wins 14 times with 9 losses, and Montel, when also using new units against Belkov’s new units, only won 7 times with 12 losses. in this time period, Belkov used the OmniHawk on six occasions, winning 4 times with 2 losses, and tusd the FireHawk-K (D refit) five times with four victories. When Belkov’s new units had PFs the wins versus losses were more even (3:2), when Belkov used fighters, he won 4 out of 5 times, whereas when Montel used fighters it was a split (3:3). Montel’s PFs, it should be noted, only won once out of four uses.

While there is some variability involved, these ratios are enough to indicate some  bias. I will continue to compare this data as we prepare for the OP2015 version, some initial ideas to change include:

  • increasing the BPV on the OmniHawk and FireHawk units. Since both units have multiple plasma-D racks, it might be there were an adjustment is needed
  • increasing the BPV of fighters, mostly in the plasma-F armed ones (Viper-4, Hawk-C). The “discount” I included on carriers to offset the cost of fighters may be in error.
  • It may be that plasma-F fighters are a problem in SFC – they work, but too well. It seems most other fighter weapons (other than phasers) do less damage than their ship-bourne counterparts, even when  one (i.e. a photon torpedo) is added in the same way the plasma-Fs are.

More research to follow. I may commit to some of these changes to OP15, keeping in mind which ones I do, in cse they need to be again revised.

Combat Log SD 11402.01

I believe it can be safely said that the OP2014 mod is fully-functional.

  1. First battle of the evening was a Random Space Bat(ttle), with the “Klingon Bloodwing” showing up again on the Montel side. Having flown this ship twice now I see some design flaws that need correcting, but it fared well against a K5RB.
  2. A more even-balanced matchup unfortunately cut short. A F-CHI & DWC going against a SP-E (with Interceptors) & Skyhawk Escort. When the CHI and SP-E took each other out, the game crashed before the DWC and SK-E could settle the matter. While I am tempted to claim a Montel victory based on the status of the DWC, we’ll have to declare this one as “undecided.”
  3. Another attempt on my part to playtest an idea – I used 2 PCs for the Federation so that I could “control” more than 3 units. In this battle, Fed force 1 was a CVL & 2 FFLs, Fed Force 2 was a Mobile Base Core and Self-Defense pod up against the General War Galactica. Not terribly surprising, Belkov won, but it was nice to see all 3 computers working together, giving me ideas for some future scenario creations.Image
  4. The last battle of the evening was a Tinyfest. I was cursed by the “Era” bug when the first Klingon ship Belkov received randomly was an X-ship, although (I thought) we were in the “Late” Era. Although my first ship was technically an X-ship as well, it was the PF “Javein,” a glorified scout. His XFF lasted through al 3 of Montel’s ships, leaving his FWK to clean up on the damaged F-NCL  Ah, well, that’s the way the bloodwine flows sometimes…

Now that OP2014 is stable, we can start moving more into a campaign environment.