Combat Log SD 11501.31

Lessons In Darkness

Another afternoon meeting, wherein most of the internet problems happened during the warm-up talk than during the games themselves. A software update on Belkov’s side allowed us some time to discuss trans-dimensional happenings and review the little Cabot story Montel had written. Belkov paid me the highest compliment in saying that I write Cabot better than he does, a distinction I would disagree with strongly (I was instantly captivated by the nugget of a story Belkov had about Cabot and a Lyran diplomat) but I will accept the compliment proudly

Meeting duration 2:38

  1. Free4All Late 333. Duration: 11:29  Victor = Montel
    Fed NCLM Akagi, Kli D5K  vs R-Sunhawk, Seahawk-D

    Belkov’s lower-end fighters dies swiftly under ADD fire. Both Colonial ships managed to escape.

  2. Free4All Late 611. Duration: 10:48  Victor  = Belkov
    F-BCF, CC+, NAC  vs R-Omnihawkp, 2xSabrehawk HDWs

    The curse of AI wingman: although I had turned on negative tractor on the BCF, when I handed control
    over to the AI it turned it off, allowing it to be anchored. (I self-destructed it to try to teach it a lesson).
    The NAC decided on it’s own to tractor the OMH, which didn’t turn out too well for it either.

    Feds gather

    Feds gather

  3. Free4All, Middle, 450-600 range. Duration: 9:38  Victor = Montel
    ISC-CCY, CSP, CLW  vs.  R-BSGW1, KD4R

    Another attempt to test drive this ship. As with it’s last appearance, Belkov had fewer choices of fighters
    than he should have, mostly phaser-armed Asps. Once again, they were lost to ADD fire, and, eventually,
    the Battlestar and it’s escort.

    There's Klingons on the starboard bow,starboard bow..

    There’s Klingons on the starboard bow,starboard bow..

We spent some time reviewing this battlestar and it’s issues. Mainly, Belkov felt that the ship was well-armed, if a little underpowered (although all ships can feel that way at times). We discussed the merits of adding power versus lowering the movement cost as a way to achieve the same. We both felt that it would be nice to maintain the historical aspects of the battlestars flown back in 1986 while still improving on the ships in SFC. Ultimately, the best thing would be to “fix” the problem with the fighters, both in  their availability to Belkov, and maybe improving the fighters of that era.


We did have two game crashes, both early after starting. In both cases, the ships I flew had “unusual” fighters of Montel’s creation. One was the “MRS fighter” that were deployed on Federation ships, and the second was a set of “UFO” fighters on Hydran units to re-create the System War opponents for the early Battlestar. SInce i know I have test-flown these fighters successfully before, there may be an issue between the versions of the shiplist & ftrlist on Montel’s and Belkov’s battle computers. More research to follow.


Combat Log SD 11501.17


USS Javelin XPF3S on patrol

Game night duration 2:28 Details to follow

A) Free Late 535. Victor = Belkov

Fed DVLX with F14C & A10 vs FHU, FCR, FCR


They’re phasing through rocks, Captain!

B) Free4All Advanced 300 Asteroid belt.   Victor = (B)

Fed CAIp w/ RFP & PFP vs SBH SCPF, SNP. Tested asteroids/phasing issue; Belkov doesn’t see asteroids and they have no effect on his units. Game crashes on B side

C) Battlefest Lite L

XPF3, CB vs SEA, FFHA; disconnect on both sides – flying and fighting but no effect on either side

D) Free4All L. Victor = Montel


Another disconnect issue – still “playing” but not against each other

Combat Log SD11501.03


BSGW1 on General War patrol

Initial report:

4 battles during a meeting that lasted 183 minutes

  • A – Free4All, 300 BPV, Late, Medium map. Victor = B
  • B – Free4All, 400 BPV, Late, Medium Ion Storm/ Victor = (M)
  • C – Tiny Fest, Late, Medium Map. Victor = (M)
  • D – Free4All, 600 BPV, Middle Era, 2 planet map. Victor = M

Details to follow:

B ended with a crash to desktop on Belkov’s side that occured when his remaining ship switched to Yellow alert t conserve power. Both Fed DDX were in decent shape when the crash happened. C crashed on Montel’s side. D raised a question as to which fighters are available to Belkov in Middle era (should be 5 or 6), and later research showed that the BSGWs are “missing” the DeVass Field Generator (giving them a high acceleration rate to mimic this device)/


Fed CM on the run


Terran squadron approachs UnID’ed ship while on patrol

Combat Log SD 11410.18

Brief synopsis, details to follow:

3 Battles, victories 2 Belkov, 1 “undecided but probable” Belkov

A)Free 4 L 330  victory = B. Early Years battle, System War scenario

B) Free4 L 420,  victory = going in Belkov’s favor but game crashes

C) Free4 L 440,  victory = Belkov (mostly)

I wouldn’t deny the last battle going to Belkov as a “win”, but there are victories of many sorts… Belkov’s 3 SaberHawks were prevailing against Montel’s CM & NCB. After the first battle passes, the CM was severely damaged and I switched to the NCB. After some maneuvering, I swung around to tractor the CM and use my transporters to “rescue the crew.”  (Actually, I was grabbing some spare parts off of the CM, but if this was the paper game, I would have rescued the crew.) With Belkov’s 3 ships still in pursuit and all in fairly good shape, I decided discretion was the better part of blah blah blah, and dropped the tractor and took the NCB to the map edge. Tactically, two interesting things happened. When my NCB disengaged, the lead SBH in pursuit essentially followed it to warp; at the very least, it wandered far off map and refused to take Belkov’s commands. It also turned out that despite a lot of damage, the CM’s engines wern’t too bad off, and the remaining SBH had maintained pursuit of the NCB, leaving them some distance from the CM. Dropping weapons arming and prioritizing engine repairs, I pointed the CM i the opposite direction and floored it. The SBH did give chase and continued firing but not enough to slow down the CM, which made the border and warped out.


Again, clearly a “win” for Belkov according to the Mission Debriefing,, but any “loss” that comes with “Player fleet losses = 0” is better than nothing. In a campaign, setting, we live to fight again…