Assessment of Impact of OP2013/14 Upgrade

Brief synopsis, details to follow:


I began reviewing the data on how the new upgrade has been working, mostly by assessing victory conditions at this point, since I felt that a clear shift in one direction or another might be easily identified this way. Basing my data on the fact that we initiated using the OP13 upgrade on 11307.13, and the OP14  update that followed, that as of 11410.01:

  • 45 Free4All battles have been played
  • victories are Montel = 19, Belkov = 24, N/A = 2
    • of 45 Belkov victories/defeats – as race “R” =  20 victories/16 defeat
      not as race “R”, 4/4
  • in 23 of 45 battles, Belkov used ships from OP13/14, winning 14 to 9 losses

More data analysis to follow, comparing these stats to Montel results and against previous years


Further analysis of the data from this time period, as well as from more recently, indicate that there is some imbalance in favor of the Colonial ships. When using “new” units, Belkov wins 14 times with 9 losses, and Montel, when also using new units against Belkov’s new units, only won 7 times with 12 losses. in this time period, Belkov used the OmniHawk on six occasions, winning 4 times with 2 losses, and tusd the FireHawk-K (D refit) five times with four victories. When Belkov’s new units had PFs the wins versus losses were more even (3:2), when Belkov used fighters, he won 4 out of 5 times, whereas when Montel used fighters it was a split (3:3). Montel’s PFs, it should be noted, only won once out of four uses.

While there is some variability involved, these ratios are enough to indicate some  bias. I will continue to compare this data as we prepare for the OP2015 version, some initial ideas to change include:

  • increasing the BPV on the OmniHawk and FireHawk units. Since both units have multiple plasma-D racks, it might be there were an adjustment is needed
  • increasing the BPV of fighters, mostly in the plasma-F armed ones (Viper-4, Hawk-C). The “discount” I included on carriers to offset the cost of fighters may be in error.
  • It may be that plasma-F fighters are a problem in SFC – they work, but too well. It seems most other fighter weapons (other than phasers) do less damage than their ship-bourne counterparts, even when  one (i.e. a photon torpedo) is added in the same way the plasma-Fs are.

More research to follow. I may commit to some of these changes to OP15, keeping in mind which ones I do, in cse they need to be again revised.


Year-end review 11300

The end of another solar cycle brings me around to reviewing the game data. This year fell a little short as compared to others for two rather important reasons – the OP13 upgrade and Operation:Exodus. With the best of intentions, I transmitted most of the upgrade data to Belkov back in July, only to discover that some bug crept in along the way. Without a working shiplist, the various models and sounds were of little use. More importantly, Belkov’s decision to execute Op:Exodus meant that the game be understanably put on the backburner. Fortunately, circumstances now allow for more F2F meetings, as well as on-site upgrade installation.


  • Gaming sessions:   10
  • Battles fought:         35
  • Free For All             30       Victories:  Montel = 21    Belkov = 9
  • Fests                         5       Victories:  Montel =   3    Belkov = 1

While seemingly lopsided in favor of Montel, it’s important to note that most of these games were played with OP2011, and that many of the Montel victories were suing “new” or “modified” units, This is more indicative of the problems IN the OP11 version and why the newer upgrade was needed. For example, several Montel victories involved SFB fighters like F14s, which were undervalued in terms of BPV in OP11, and have been corrected in the OP13 upgrade.

Over the years, the number of losses and wins balance out. Inclusive from SD10801 to 11312, there were:

  • 489 battles over 147 sesssions
  • Montel = 257 victories   (177 Free4All, 62 Fests, 18 Random)
  • Belkov =  198 victories  (159 Free4Alls, 33 Fests, 6 Random)

Prior to the OP2011 implementation the wins/loses were almost split 50/50. Again, this may indicate some imbalance in the OP11 BPVs rather than an overall flaw, but ultimately comparison with the OP13 upgrade will be needed.


Brace for Impact! Jettison the lifepods!

Modding Log 11303.16

Taking advantage of a lull in combat operations, I decided to do some of the grunt work needed to make “OP SFX2013” a reality. I believe it will be easier to do fixes to not-perfect list than get it perfect as I do it. Taking advantage of having created most of my new Feds in previous mods, I can re-import these and then do the same with the Colonials.

Plus, doing it in stages should save me from myself when I make any errors. So far, I plan to proceed as:

Starting from fresh original shiplist
1) move “Neutral” to top of list – donor fighter race for non-fighgter races (R,G, L)
2) move “Gorn” to second – donor PF race for non-PF races (F,K,H,I)
3) add new Fed ships to list
3A – export Fed ships from OP2011
3B import Fed ships to SFX2013
3C copy any new Fed PF ships to “Gorn”
4) add new Col ships to list
4A – export Col ships from OP2011
4B import Col ships to SFX2013
4C copy any new Col Ftr ships to “Neutral”
5) add new other ships to list
5A – export any other ships from OP2011
5B import other ships to SFX2013
5C add other ships not in OP2011
5D copy any new other PF ships to “Gorn”
6)crosscheck new ships against “OP2013 new ships.docx”
7)For ftirlist, make “Neutral” aty top of list, place all non-fighter races fighters there (R,G,L)
7A add new Fed, Hyd, other fighters
8)crosscheck fighters
9)add all new ships to “strings”
10) add/change any shipnames

11) check models present on Orac/Slave
12) check models needed/wanted in SFX2013
13) crosscheck SFX2013 models on Pheonix in modeltester
14-19) if needed

20) assemble exe for Orac/Slave, get to Belkov

As of 1721EDT, I reached 3C without much difficulty; in fact, only one model was missing (and easily placed in game). I know several ships need to be adjusted, and I had somewhat forgotten the “strings” step to give things the proper names, but these should be easier to do with the finished list.

A hurdle still remains in double-checking what models Belkov has on Orac & Slave, and then getting those models to him, but that’s more a practical matter than a computer coding one.

Fighter thoughts 11212.26


After giving it some more thought, some additional notes on the Fed fighters in the last game…

It was the F14C that vexed Belkov the most; at the time I agreed the BPV was too low but it wasn’t as low as I feared – 9 instead of 6. The specs on it are:

  • F-14C Spd 30, 1xPhG FX, 1xDroI(2 shots), 1xDroI(2 shots), 4xDroVI(1 shot) Dmg 12 BPV 11

In SFB, a F14C with 2xI, 2xVI and 4xIII Drones runs 15, plus 1 for the boosterpacks for speed 30. However, the BIG difference in SFC (besides the AI control of fighters) is that the fighter drones work differently, and, according to the literature, do ¼ damage against ships. While in game, a fighter group of 4 letting loose a swarm of 12 drones is scary, if they are doing a max of 12 damage per fighter, as opposed to the ship killing 38 each in SFB. I’ll have to do some more testing to confirm this ¼ damage concept, but I believe that fighter drones are less powerful.

At 9 BPV, the F14C as currently fielded is too low, and should be 12-13 at least, more comparable to the standard Raven, Jay, etc fighters. Since I am about to release the new 2013 ship and fighter list, I’ll be adjusting all the fighters anyway, and combat will be the best playtesting I can come up with.


  • Fighter Drone I does 4 damage against ships
  • Fighter Drone VI does 8 damage against ships
  • Fighter can carry DroneC rack, fires full strength drones (12)


  • Fighter Drone I does 4 damage against a fighter made by me
  • Fighter Drone VI does 8 damage against a fighter made by me

I was a little thrown by the fact that the Fighter Drones do the same damage against fighters as they do ships; planning a little more playtesting to make sure it wasn’t the fighter I made that caused that.

Additional Confirmation

The 4 & 8 damage ratings on fighter drones seems consistent, doing that to both fighters and ships. I’m not sure if the update changed this and if there’s a way around it.