2016??! No, 2017, and counting…

Captain’s Log, Stardate 11602.11

Somehow, possibly due to some black holes, a whole year has passed since the last entry.  What had been a “busy-in-the-normal-sense” winter turned into a chaotic summer, followed by a crushing autumn…  The 15A upgrade that was all but ready for prime time has sat and languished unused, and our starfleets sit frozen in some sort of sargasso sea in space…..


That entry, unpublished at the time it was written, has already passed further into time past. A few darkly-worded interim entries have wisely been deleted. Time’s arrow can wound and injury, but there’s no point in trying to change it’s direction. We stumble, we trip, we pick ourselves up, and we keep going.

Toshiro Nakai, 11709.25