Combat Log SD 11501.17


USS Javelin XPF3S on patrol

Game night duration 2:28 Details to follow

A) Free Late 535. Victor = Belkov

Fed DVLX with F14C & A10 vs FHU, FCR, FCR


They’re phasing through rocks, Captain!

B) Free4All Advanced 300 Asteroid belt.   Victor = (B)

Fed CAIp w/ RFP & PFP vs SBH SCPF, SNP. Tested asteroids/phasing issue; Belkov doesn’t see asteroids and they have no effect on his units. Game crashes on B side

C) Battlefest Lite L

XPF3, CB vs SEA, FFHA; disconnect on both sides – flying and fighting but no effect on either side

D) Free4All L. Victor = Montel


Another disconnect issue – still “playing” but not against each other


Combat Log SD11501.03


BSGW1 on General War patrol

Initial report:

4 battles during a meeting that lasted 183 minutes

  • A – Free4All, 300 BPV, Late, Medium map. Victor = B
  • B – Free4All, 400 BPV, Late, Medium Ion Storm/ Victor = (M)
  • C – Tiny Fest, Late, Medium Map. Victor = (M)
  • D – Free4All, 600 BPV, Middle Era, 2 planet map. Victor = M

Details to follow:

B ended with a crash to desktop on Belkov’s side that occured when his remaining ship switched to Yellow alert t conserve power. Both Fed DDX were in decent shape when the crash happened. C crashed on Montel’s side. D raised a question as to which fighters are available to Belkov in Middle era (should be 5 or 6), and later research showed that the BSGWs are “missing” the DeVass Field Generator (giving them a high acceleration rate to mimic this device)/


Fed CM on the run


Terran squadron approachs UnID’ed ship while on patrol