Combat Log SD11408.09

Brief synopsis, details to follow;

5 battles, B = 3, M = 2

A) Free 4 L 333, victory = B

B) Free4 111 victory = B

C) Fest – Tiny, Asteroid field. victory  = B

D) Free4 “Test’ 300 L “victory” = M

E) Fest – Lite. victory = M

During the first “Fest” it became suspicious that something was happening in regards to Belkov’s ships and asteroids. Battle D tested this out and confirmed that Belkov’s ships can fly directly through asteroids without any issues (and my ships decidedly can’t). I took advantage of the situation and unloaded all of my ship’s weapons onto Belkov, which I can’t really feel too guilty about, given that he can now fly through rocks. Still, it caught Belkov off guard, but I don’t know why – I just thought to myself, what would he had done in my place?

Not sure what in the simulator’s program that would allow this. Perhaps the model sizes are wrong on his end? The ships appear normal but are obviously not behaving as such. More research needed.



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