SD11411.29 Strategic Update

Received the following SFIntel report on recent Colonial Fleet activity. The new bases is substantially closer to Federation space than any others since the fall of Gamma Prime. I fear that a move this aggresive can only mean one thing when Cabot is behind it…


Combat Log SD 11410.18

Brief synopsis, details to follow:

3 Battles, victories 2 Belkov, 1 “undecided but probable” Belkov

A)Free 4 L 330  victory = B. Early Years battle, System War scenario

B) Free4 L 420,  victory = going in Belkov’s favor but game crashes

C) Free4 L 440,  victory = Belkov (mostly)

I wouldn’t deny the last battle going to Belkov as a “win”, but there are victories of many sorts… Belkov’s 3 SaberHawks were prevailing against Montel’s CM & NCB. After the first battle passes, the CM was severely damaged and I switched to the NCB. After some maneuvering, I swung around to tractor the CM and use my transporters to “rescue the crew.”  (Actually, I was grabbing some spare parts off of the CM, but if this was the paper game, I would have rescued the crew.) With Belkov’s 3 ships still in pursuit and all in fairly good shape, I decided discretion was the better part of blah blah blah, and dropped the tractor and took the NCB to the map edge. Tactically, two interesting things happened. When my NCB disengaged, the lead SBH in pursuit essentially followed it to warp; at the very least, it wandered far off map and refused to take Belkov’s commands. It also turned out that despite a lot of damage, the CM’s engines wern’t too bad off, and the remaining SBH had maintained pursuit of the NCB, leaving them some distance from the CM. Dropping weapons arming and prioritizing engine repairs, I pointed the CM i the opposite direction and floored it. The SBH did give chase and continued firing but not enough to slow down the CM, which made the border and warped out.


Again, clearly a “win” for Belkov according to the Mission Debriefing,, but any “loss” that comes with “Player fleet losses = 0” is better than nothing. In a campaign, setting, we live to fight again…


Assessment of Impact of OP2013/14 Upgrade

Brief synopsis, details to follow:


I began reviewing the data on how the new upgrade has been working, mostly by assessing victory conditions at this point, since I felt that a clear shift in one direction or another might be easily identified this way. Basing my data on the fact that we initiated using the OP13 upgrade on 11307.13, and the OP14  update that followed, that as of 11410.01:

  • 45 Free4All battles have been played
  • victories are Montel = 19, Belkov = 24, N/A = 2
    • of 45 Belkov victories/defeats – as race “R” =  20 victories/16 defeat
      not as race “R”, 4/4
  • in 23 of 45 battles, Belkov used ships from OP13/14, winning 14 to 9 losses

More data analysis to follow, comparing these stats to Montel results and against previous years


Further analysis of the data from this time period, as well as from more recently, indicate that there is some imbalance in favor of the Colonial ships. When using “new” units, Belkov wins 14 times with 9 losses, and Montel, when also using new units against Belkov’s new units, only won 7 times with 12 losses. in this time period, Belkov used the OmniHawk on six occasions, winning 4 times with 2 losses, and tusd the FireHawk-K (D refit) five times with four victories. When Belkov’s new units had PFs the wins versus losses were more even (3:2), when Belkov used fighters, he won 4 out of 5 times, whereas when Montel used fighters it was a split (3:3). Montel’s PFs, it should be noted, only won once out of four uses.

While there is some variability involved, these ratios are enough to indicate some  bias. I will continue to compare this data as we prepare for the OP2015 version, some initial ideas to change include:

  • increasing the BPV on the OmniHawk and FireHawk units. Since both units have multiple plasma-D racks, it might be there were an adjustment is needed
  • increasing the BPV of fighters, mostly in the plasma-F armed ones (Viper-4, Hawk-C). The “discount” I included on carriers to offset the cost of fighters may be in error.
  • It may be that plasma-F fighters are a problem in SFC – they work, but too well. It seems most other fighter weapons (other than phasers) do less damage than their ship-bourne counterparts, even when  one (i.e. a photon torpedo) is added in the same way the plasma-Fs are.

More research to follow. I may commit to some of these changes to OP15, keeping in mind which ones I do, in cse they need to be again revised.

Combat Log SD11408.09

Brief synopsis, details to follow;

5 battles, B = 3, M = 2

A) Free 4 L 333, victory = B

B) Free4 111 victory = B

C) Fest – Tiny, Asteroid field. victory  = B

D) Free4 “Test’ 300 L “victory” = M

E) Fest – Lite. victory = M

During the first “Fest” it became suspicious that something was happening in regards to Belkov’s ships and asteroids. Battle D tested this out and confirmed that Belkov’s ships can fly directly through asteroids without any issues (and my ships decidedly can’t). I took advantage of the situation and unloaded all of my ship’s weapons onto Belkov, which I can’t really feel too guilty about, given that he can now fly through rocks. Still, it caught Belkov off guard, but I don’t know why – I just thought to myself, what would he had done in my place?

Not sure what in the simulator’s program that would allow this. Perhaps the model sizes are wrong on his end? The ships appear normal but are obviously not behaving as such. More research needed.