Combat Log SD11403.02

2 battles, with no vox, chat only. Overall duration 2 hours

  • Free4All, L 200. Duration 10:49
    F-CCM  vs  R-SPL
    victor = M
  • Free4All 450L, Duration 19:01
    F-DWC, DW, DDL  vs  R OmniHawk-P (4x PF Eagles)
    victor = M
    Seemingly long battle, with much back-and-forth. Belkov launched PFs late in the game, and also noticed an issue with the Plasma-D racks later in the battle, which could have been from damage, or just out of ammo & reloading. Will research during playback.
    CCM & SPL - battered but still fighting

    Battered but still flying


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