Combat Log SD 11405.24


3 battles, late into the night…

  • Free4All, 310L, victor = B. Montel’s combination of a Fed CM & a Klingon-converted Sparrowhawk threw Belkov a little, but not enough to stop his K7CN and SKE from being triumphant, despite the loss of his SKE.
  • Free4All, 480L, victor = B. Montel’s NCF & NVS were hardpressed against an ISC Echelon of a CCY, CSL &FFE. Against their 4 PPDs the NCF was lost and the NVS barely managed to escape.
  • BattleFest Lite, victor = M. Feds vs ISC again, during which Montel spent mostly on the losing end, until a last-minute….

As can often happen in a “fest,” the first ship you get can make or break you. As fond as I am of Javelin, the little sister ship to Bloodwing, it is merely a glorified PF without much of a punch. Belkov’s DDG did more damage than he realized, leaving poor Javelin with only a few engine boxes and no weapons. Still, as a PF, it gave the impression of being more capable by still having maneuverability. Knowing the end was near I managed to circle back to the DDG and Belkov obliged by performing an overrun just as it self-destructed. Watching the explosion elicited a chuckle from Montel of “that was fun.” The CAI Montel received next beat the DDG and the was lost to Belkov’s CAAZ,, which in turn lost to Montel’s DNL. Though it wasn’t too badly damaged, there seemed little hope against the DNZ it faced. To give it’s shields a chance to restore, Montel took the DNL around the nearby planet, wondering if Belkov would follow or attempt to meet head on.  Since he followed, Montel took the DNL back around to face it’s opponent. After some wicked exchange of rire though, my DNL was still not too bad off, and the DNZ had taken the inside orbit of the planet. Inspiration led to a quick grab with a tractor beam and a hard right turn towards the planet.

I hope it doesn’t sound like gloating, but after being caught more than a couple times recently by a tractor ‘n pummel, it felt good to return the favor. Sometimes desperation is the key to victory.



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