Combat Log SD 11403.29


A more epic evening, 5 battles, all Free4All. victories – T = 4, B = 1


A) Free4 L 300, duration 11:59
Hydrans lose fighters; overrun on cloaked ship with fusion beams
Victory = M

B) Free4 L 450, duration = 11:”05
Hyd Iron Duke DN & ERL DD vs 2x SaberHawk & 1 SkyHawk-E
vitory = M

C) Free4All L 400, duration 8:15
F-NCB & HDW vs Orion X-DN1
Victory = M

D)Free4All; in Nebula. Historical Re-Enactment  of “Sauce for the Goose,” SD3565.7 (#69, 8904.10)
F-CB & NCL DaVinci vs K7C Phoenix & K7NB Saladin
“victory = M” (mostly inconclusive,as was the original SFB version)

E) Free4 A 444, duration  = 27:22
F-BCP (PF-A, -B, -L, -P) vs Ly DDNP
victory = Belkov


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