Combat Log SD 11403.01

(Since my TARDIS is stuck in “fast-forward,” catching up on some previous game nights has been done incrementally…)

3 battles, Montel = 2, Belkov =1.

  • Free4All, 280, L Duration 28:20
    F-NCL & DDL
    victor =  M
    Belkov states that he seemed to get lose control of his wingman
  • Free4All, 450 L Duration 12:02
    F-NCF & NVS (A10s & F18s)  vs  OmniHawk-P
    victor =  M
    fighter drones were launched close enough to maintain lock-on when OMH cloeaked.
  •  Free4All, 800 L, duration 18:57
    F-DNL, CM, NCF  vs  R-OmniHawk, 2x FHKD
    victor = B
    F-DNL manages to escape, others lost.
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