Retro time – SD11001.03

1100103C-HDW escapeWhile ducking some work I came across an old txt file in the data banks, and feeling guilty that I haven’t posted any reviews of the last 3 gaming sessions, I decided to throw it on up here, just because, reasons.

  • 11001.03A – Free4all – F-CAD vs K-C7
  • 11001.03B – Free4all – I-CCZ vs R-SPL+
  • 11001.03C – Free4all – F-HDW vs R-SPA+
  • 11001.03D  – Slugfest

(Combat Log recorded, 11001.07)

Notes on last nite’s games

Overall – We both found out how to run away. How fun.

110103C Free4All F-HDW vs R-SPA

I’m still disturbed by the power-to-energy curve of plasmas that reveals them to be uber-weapons of the game. I did notice that the BPV on your ship was almost 80 points higher than mine (and I still did more damage than I rec’d, so nyahh). For the record, I wasn’t running, I was trying to gain some distance to recharge weapons and border got in my way.

110103D – Slugfest

Sorry about the Bloodwing showing up like that. No, forget I said that. I’m not sorry (but maybe we should try our fests at Late Era and not Advanced, just to cover these situations).


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