Combat Log SD11402.13

While the weather outside seems to resemble Hoth, it is always cold, in space… 4 battles fought in the afternoon.


  1. A lower-BPV Free4All to start, 200 in the Late era. I tried out the Federation-converted Klingon D7T. Although I like the way it feels, it was slightly outclassed by the Firehawk-K. Also discovered the hard way that a WW shuttle will trigger a mine, negating the protection it provides from, say, a barrage of plasmas heading my way…
  2. Another Free4all, 400 Late. This time the battle-tested F-CFI and NCL-M (Akagi)Image prevailed against the DSV2 “Liberator” and 2 Seahawk-B. Belkov hadn’t realized that he had chose the carrier variants instead of the Escort version. Montel would have most likely defeated the Sea-E as well, since both versions lack plasma torpedoes, but had Belkov realized they were carriers, he could have chosen stronger fighters, which might have made a difference
  3. Moving up a notch in BPV, this Free4All was 800 Late era. Belkov went with the S version of the Battlestar 4, while Montel chose the F-SCSS with Interceptor-Cs and F-14Cs, as well as a DWA escort. Belkov’s PFs included the new “Remote Fighter Platforms,” slow-moving PFs with limited offensive ordnance but carrying 4 Viper-4s each. There was a slow dance to start with, and when the sides finally closd, both carriers launched all the fighters at once. Suffice to say, the Fed fighters were outclassed by the cumulative defensive weapons on the Colonial side. After the loss of the Fed fighters and then the DWA, the damaged SCSS began Imagedisengaging, only managing to maintain speed by cancelling charging weapons. Fortunately there was enough spare parts to repair the engines, and the SCSS was sufficiently far enough from the Invincible to get a head-start. Using one of the planets as a shield, it managed to keep Invincible at a distance, although it’s fighters managed to perform a flanking maneuver on the other side of the planet.
  4. Finally, a BattleFest Lite, set a Black Hole for something different, along with Belkov’s choice of flying Syndicate ships. The first.Fed was the “TOS Defiant” BFF which took out the DW1 with some difficulty, which then strayed too close to the singularity and was destroyed. Both sides started fresh with a F-CFI vs a BRH1, with the CFI performing well. When Montel received a  Light X_Dreadnought as the third ship, it was pretty much a done deal.



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