Combat Log SD 11402.01

I believe it can be safely said that the OP2014 mod is fully-functional.

  1. First battle of the evening was a Random Space Bat(ttle), with the “Klingon Bloodwing” showing up again on the Montel side. Having flown this ship twice now I see some design flaws that need correcting, but it fared well against a K5RB.
  2. A more even-balanced matchup unfortunately cut short. A F-CHI & DWC going against a SP-E (with Interceptors) & Skyhawk Escort. When the CHI and SP-E took each other out, the game crashed before the DWC and SK-E could settle the matter. While I am tempted to claim a Montel victory based on the status of the DWC, we’ll have to declare this one as “undecided.”
  3. Another attempt on my part to playtest an idea – I used 2 PCs for the Federation so that I could “control” more than 3 units. In this battle, Fed force 1 was a CVL & 2 FFLs, Fed Force 2 was a Mobile Base Core and Self-Defense pod up against the General War Galactica. Not terribly surprising, Belkov won, but it was nice to see all 3 computers working together, giving me ideas for some future scenario creations.Image
  4. The last battle of the evening was a Tinyfest. I was cursed by the “Era” bug when the first Klingon ship Belkov received randomly was an X-ship, although (I thought) we were in the “Late” Era. Although my first ship was technically an X-ship as well, it was the PF “Javein,” a glorified scout. His XFF lasted through al 3 of Montel’s ships, leaving his FWK to clean up on the damaged F-NCL  Ah, well, that’s the way the bloodwine flows sometimes…

Now that OP2014 is stable, we can start moving more into a campaign environment.


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