Combat Log 11401.25

ImageAnother successful night of OP14 combat. Four Free4Alls, 3 going to Belkov. The first was a bit of a lark on my part, pitting 2 solo tug pods and a fast scout against a MegaHawk and learning in the process of losing that while the SSC superaccelerates, it still is a small ship with not much shielding. The second battle saw two PF-carrying battlecruisers slugging it out. The Fed PFs were destroyed faster than the Colonial counterparts were, and the BCP barely managed to escape.


I found the 3rd battle particularly vexing, in part because I seemed to fall prey to the same tactic as last posting, when the Colonial heavy managed to snag my carrier with a tractor. This time I thought I was prepared for it and had allocated negative tractor to repel the attempt but my CVB was trapped all the same. My experience in SFB was that 1 point of negative tractor should repel an attempt made at range 2; whether it works differently in SFC:OP or my recollections are in error reamins to be seen. I’ll have to replay this one and do a little research.

The last battle saw a mixed-up approach on my end – a NCL with 2 PFs and the prototype of the “Klingon Bloodwing,” one of the alternate timeline versions of Nakai’s ship. While it didn’t last through the battle, the Feds were triumphant in the end.

Hoping not to sound like “sour grapes” because I lost most of the battles this year, but I feel like there are still some BPV discrepencies in OP14, mostly favoring the Colonial side. Again, more research needs to be done.


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