Combat Log SD 11401.19






After a long struggle, the upgrade to OP has been successfully installed, run, and battles fought. Only a couple were fought on this inagural run, but predominantly with new ships. OP2014 is now the official mod of the Montel/Belkov Gaming Commission. And with new horizons, interesting new issues…

A) Free 4 All, BPV 400 duration 12:3   – Federation NCB & DWV (F8s & F18s) vs CA Megahawk & SED

     Fed victory, SED destroyed, MH escapes

B) Free4All, BPV 780, dur   – Fed DVLX (F14s, A10s, F18s) & NER  vs  CA OMHP (Eagles) & 2x SP-M

     Colonial victory, DVLX & OMH destroyed, NER escapes

I’d like to blame my sloppy playing on my over-exuberance on seeing the new ships flying, and to take full credit on taking out the OmniHawk, but I can do neither. Whatever distracted me, I allowed Belkov to close in quickly and lock the DVLX in a tractor beam, preventing it from launching WW or fighters. It took quite a pounding and I decided to give up on it. Transferring command to the NER, I circled helplessly for a few minutes before I got the bright idea to try a tractor from the NER to OMHP to break it’s hold on the DVLX. While this was successful, it was too late to do anything with it. Then a lot happened really fast. The DVLX may have launched fighters; it did fire on the OMH, taking down its #1 shield. The NER also fired, taking down the #6 shield and scoring some internals. The OMH then fired a barrage of plasmas at the DVLX, which blew up, but the explosion also destroyed the Omnihawk, which then caused the “self destruction” of all 4 of it’s Eagles. Suddenly, a lot of things had blown to pieces! It took 3 slow-motion replays to get some of this timing figured out. It’s remotely possible that the OMH had taken just enough damage prior, and the DVLX explosion was just big enough on a down shield to cause it’s destruction, but it still seems… odd. (Though, highly reminiscent of the fabled “Condor bomb” in SFB, when an exploding DN took out a fleet, leading to coutnless arguments and a few rule changes.) It is also possible that SFC:OP does not just use the “explosion strength” heading in the shiplist (put there from after afore-mentioned rule changes) and uses a version of the SFB “Commander’s Edition” explosion rules that include missiles, mines and armed fighters still on the exploding ship. More research will be needed, and in this particular battle, both Belkov and myself could only laugh over the resulting pyrotechnics


Year-end review 11300

The end of another solar cycle brings me around to reviewing the game data. This year fell a little short as compared to others for two rather important reasons – the OP13 upgrade and Operation:Exodus. With the best of intentions, I transmitted most of the upgrade data to Belkov back in July, only to discover that some bug crept in along the way. Without a working shiplist, the various models and sounds were of little use. More importantly, Belkov’s decision to execute Op:Exodus meant that the game be understanably put on the backburner. Fortunately, circumstances now allow for more F2F meetings, as well as on-site upgrade installation.


  • Gaming sessions:   10
  • Battles fought:         35
  • Free For All             30       Victories:  Montel = 21    Belkov = 9
  • Fests                         5       Victories:  Montel =   3    Belkov = 1

While seemingly lopsided in favor of Montel, it’s important to note that most of these games were played with OP2011, and that many of the Montel victories were suing “new” or “modified” units, This is more indicative of the problems IN the OP11 version and why the newer upgrade was needed. For example, several Montel victories involved SFB fighters like F14s, which were undervalued in terms of BPV in OP11, and have been corrected in the OP13 upgrade.

Over the years, the number of losses and wins balance out. Inclusive from SD10801 to 11312, there were:

  • 489 battles over 147 sesssions
  • Montel = 257 victories   (177 Free4All, 62 Fests, 18 Random)
  • Belkov =  198 victories  (159 Free4Alls, 33 Fests, 6 Random)

Prior to the OP2011 implementation the wins/loses were almost split 50/50. Again, this may indicate some imbalance in the OP11 BPVs rather than an overall flaw, but ultimately comparison with the OP13 upgrade will be needed.


Brace for Impact! Jettison the lifepods!