SD 11312.14 Combat Log

The past few months being a time of great changes, Belkov & I took an opportunity to just blow off some steam, even if it was only with the OP11 version. A few Free4Alls, one to Belkov and one to Montel, although the one won by Montel was thanks entirely to Belkov getting too close to a swarm of F14s. Then, a “TinyFest,” which wasn’t so tiny, lasting up to 44 minutes. In the end, 2 “lesser” ships, a Fed old CLD and a Klingon AD6, slugging it out to the bitter end. The Fed all but ready to leave when Belkov announced the D6 was out of ADD reloads. I plunged back in with the CLD and came close, but the D6 had just enough phasers left to win the game.


Lastly, another Free4All, a Fed DDL and a Col SK-L, trading plasmas in an asteroid field. A lot of running and gunning, and after 23 minutes, at a crucial point with both ships damaged but oth of us convinced we were about to deliver the coup de grace, Belkov suffered a power surge and lost internet connection. Too bad. I’m sure my next pass would have destroyed him…


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