Combat Log SD11306.22

In other dimensional fronts, Belkov & Montel ran a test on comm links to see which supported the new webcam best.


2 Battles

  1. Free4All, 350L, F-NPFT & Pol+ versus FH-Tug-Combat pod – Belkov wins

  2. Free4All, 400L, F-NCLM & DWV (F14 & F111) versus Megahawk – Montel wins

In the last battle, the Megahawk’s fighters did not show up in game. That plus a lack of point defense on the Megahawk wore it down in the end.

Some research later showed that this is a design flaw in the ship going back to the SFB data. I’ve since proposed a refit that would replace the almost useless P-3s with 2 plasma D racks.


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