Combat Log 11306.08


4 Battles, all won by Montel

  1. Free4All – F-MONV w/ f14s, F-18s,  & F-111 versus a KHK

  2. Free4All – Hy LBCC & DWH versus a K7CN & 2 PFs

  3. Free4All – Andro Intruder & 2 Vipers versus a SU-B & SKA

  4. Battlefest Lite (F-FFV/NCM/SCS) versus (R-SEG/KREB/CON)Image

Overall, I believe Belkov felt out-matched by the fighters, Andros and poor options fduring the Fest, not that he complained as such. I should take more care when selecting battles, making sure to choose the upgraded versions of the Fests that provide a better selection of random ships. I should also maybe pick more medium size maps, although I like the restrictions the map edge gives us sometimes.



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