Combat Log SD 11307.27

Bah, and curses. After a computer restore on Belkov’s end led to a re-install of the OP2013b mod, we found it not working on his box. The workaround that was successful last time, sending the shiplist via email rather than thru ftp did not help us this time. The OP2011 batch and file still worked, so we had one game just to blow off steam. A Fed DNH & DWA vs a FHKD and 2 SaberHawks, I was sure I was toast, especially after the DNH failed to launch a WW in time to prevent a plasma barrage, but the DWA made short work of the SBH’s fightes, and despite the punishment it had received, once the FHK got too close to the DNH the tide was turned. Still, a overall disappointment – the latest OP2013 list is vastly improved, and getting closer to being “official”. I look forward to sending the files manually so that we might get it working soon.


Combat Log SD11307.13

first real attempt at running OP2013

– uploaded folders “Models 2 & 3” shiplist 13A. Game would crash to desktop on Slave. Orig shiplist & OP2011 shiplist worked.

13A had been sent via ftp and seemed altered in the process. Sending the 4 txt files (shiplist, ftrlist, shipnames, strings) via email solved it.

A) Using Orig
victory = M

B) Using OP2011
K- 2xD7W  vs  K C7
victory = M

C)  Using OP13B
victory = M
Model sizes waayy off. Col models much too big

D) Using OP13B
F-MB, 2xPF-N  vs  R-FHKD
victory = B

Combat Log SD11306.22

In other dimensional fronts, Belkov & Montel ran a test on comm links to see which supported the new webcam best.


2 Battles

  1. Free4All, 350L, F-NPFT & Pol+ versus FH-Tug-Combat pod – Belkov wins

  2. Free4All, 400L, F-NCLM & DWV (F14 & F111) versus Megahawk – Montel wins

In the last battle, the Megahawk’s fighters did not show up in game. That plus a lack of point defense on the Megahawk wore it down in the end.

Some research later showed that this is a design flaw in the ship going back to the SFB data. I’ve since proposed a refit that would replace the almost useless P-3s with 2 plasma D racks.

Combat Log 11306.08


4 Battles, all won by Montel

  1. Free4All – F-MONV w/ f14s, F-18s,  & F-111 versus a KHK

  2. Free4All – Hy LBCC & DWH versus a K7CN & 2 PFs

  3. Free4All – Andro Intruder & 2 Vipers versus a SU-B & SKA

  4. Battlefest Lite (F-FFV/NCM/SCS) versus (R-SEG/KREB/CON)Image

Overall, I believe Belkov felt out-matched by the fighters, Andros and poor options fduring the Fest, not that he complained as such. I should take more care when selecting battles, making sure to choose the upgraded versions of the Fests that provide a better selection of random ships. I should also maybe pick more medium size maps, although I like the restrictions the map edge gives us sometimes.