Combat Log 11305.18

Somehow, two Terran months have slipped by between games; tonight’s just felt like an opportunity to shake off the dust. Technically, I “won” 3 out of 4, but in two of those Belkov managed to escape the map with his ships, so a fleeting victory at best.


The first one went completely to Belkov; in the second, my NCL-M and DNL took out one FIrehawk and let one escape. In the third, the Batlestar Invincible went up against my Fed DNH & FFV and a Andromedan Intruder. THAT battle was long and drawn out, while Belkov kept dancing around at long range, sniping at me with plasmas, while I petulantly moved away and waited for him to approach. Finally, after losing the FFV in an ill-fated tractoring attempt, I managed to pin down Invincible as it crawled towards the borderline under cloak at speed 2. Repeated close-in passes added up, and after laying 5 t-bombs under it, I used the Intruder as a ram to set them off and drove Invincible from the map.