Combat Log 11303.30

Coming off a complicated day, it felt good to just blow some things up. A few basic Free4Alls and a Battlefest Lite. The first 2 were Fed vs Colonials where I prevailed; the second one had some interesting points. I had a CVL, NER, and a Pol against 3 SabreHawks, and the NER took some heavy damage early, so I left it behind. The CVL and it’s fighters traded fire with the Sabrehawks, taking one out before the fighters were lost and the CVL was bad off. Meanwhile, the NER had repaired itself and slowly started following the action. The action had drifted closer to the map edge, and as the CVL took more and more damage I managed to dish out a bit more from it and got it across the edge and out of there. By then the NER had joined the POL and between the two managed to finish off the damaged Sabrehawks. 

In the third battle I chose Hydrans for a change of pace, and got beaten soundly, and in the final battle, Belkov chose Klingons and wound up on the losing end, although it was a closer battle. I was tickled over the last ship I got in the fest, a Fed SCS. I had replaced the model on my box with a version of the McQuarrie Enterprise from 1978, just because…





Additionally, I have managed to get a bit farther along in the SFX2013 update, having settled on some models for the new ships and figured out the whats and whys of some other ships as well.


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