Combat Log 11303.02

A lot of different extra-dimensional interferences made the need to see things blow up more essential tonight  than others…

Some simple scenarios helped achieve that goal. A F-DNF outclassed a K7NB, then a R-SUA appeared earlier in the “Middle” era than it probably should, taking out a F-CL and FFL without breaking a sweat. A F-DW with 2 PFs and the Akagi had a long dragged-out engagement with a Superhawk-B, fought entirely too close to a planet. The Superhawk kept cloaking & decloaking to wear down the DW, but the Feds finally winning out after taking out the fighters when they launched.

Last battle of the night was a Tiny Fest, the Feds vs the Orion Syndicate. The Feds had a slight edge thru the first 2 ships, and then the Syndicate got saddled with a cruiser that was very under-armed, and the Feds carried the day.



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