Combat Log 11303.30

Coming off a complicated day, it felt good to just blow some things up. A few basic Free4Alls and a Battlefest Lite. The first 2 were Fed vs Colonials where I prevailed; the second one had some interesting points. I had a CVL, NER, and a Pol against 3 SabreHawks, and the NER took some heavy damage early, so I left it behind. The CVL and it’s fighters traded fire with the Sabrehawks, taking one out before the fighters were lost and the CVL was bad off. Meanwhile, the NER had repaired itself and slowly started following the action. The action had drifted closer to the map edge, and as the CVL took more and more damage I managed to dish out a bit more from it and got it across the edge and out of there. By then the NER had joined the POL and between the two managed to finish off the damaged Sabrehawks. 

In the third battle I chose Hydrans for a change of pace, and got beaten soundly, and in the final battle, Belkov chose Klingons and wound up on the losing end, although it was a closer battle. I was tickled over the last ship I got in the fest, a Fed SCS. I had replaced the model on my box with a version of the McQuarrie Enterprise from 1978, just because…





Additionally, I have managed to get a bit farther along in the SFX2013 update, having settled on some models for the new ships and figured out the whats and whys of some other ships as well.


Modding Log 11303.16

Taking advantage of a lull in combat operations, I decided to do some of the grunt work needed to make “OP SFX2013” a reality. I believe it will be easier to do fixes to not-perfect list than get it perfect as I do it. Taking advantage of having created most of my new Feds in previous mods, I can re-import these and then do the same with the Colonials.

Plus, doing it in stages should save me from myself when I make any errors. So far, I plan to proceed as:

Starting from fresh original shiplist
1) move “Neutral” to top of list – donor fighter race for non-fighgter races (R,G, L)
2) move “Gorn” to second – donor PF race for non-PF races (F,K,H,I)
3) add new Fed ships to list
3A – export Fed ships from OP2011
3B import Fed ships to SFX2013
3C copy any new Fed PF ships to “Gorn”
4) add new Col ships to list
4A – export Col ships from OP2011
4B import Col ships to SFX2013
4C copy any new Col Ftr ships to “Neutral”
5) add new other ships to list
5A – export any other ships from OP2011
5B import other ships to SFX2013
5C add other ships not in OP2011
5D copy any new other PF ships to “Gorn”
6)crosscheck new ships against “OP2013 new ships.docx”
7)For ftirlist, make “Neutral” aty top of list, place all non-fighter races fighters there (R,G,L)
7A add new Fed, Hyd, other fighters
8)crosscheck fighters
9)add all new ships to “strings”
10) add/change any shipnames

11) check models present on Orac/Slave
12) check models needed/wanted in SFX2013
13) crosscheck SFX2013 models on Pheonix in modeltester
14-19) if needed

20) assemble exe for Orac/Slave, get to Belkov

As of 1721EDT, I reached 3C without much difficulty; in fact, only one model was missing (and easily placed in game). I know several ships need to be adjusted, and I had somewhat forgotten the “strings” step to give things the proper names, but these should be easier to do with the finished list.

A hurdle still remains in double-checking what models Belkov has on Orac & Slave, and then getting those models to him, but that’s more a practical matter than a computer coding one.

Combat Log 11303.02

A lot of different extra-dimensional interferences made the need to see things blow up more essential tonight  than others…

Some simple scenarios helped achieve that goal. A F-DNF outclassed a K7NB, then a R-SUA appeared earlier in the “Middle” era than it probably should, taking out a F-CL and FFL without breaking a sweat. A F-DW with 2 PFs and the Akagi had a long dragged-out engagement with a Superhawk-B, fought entirely too close to a planet. The Superhawk kept cloaking & decloaking to wear down the DW, but the Feds finally winning out after taking out the fighters when they launched.

Last battle of the night was a Tiny Fest, the Feds vs the Orion Syndicate. The Feds had a slight edge thru the first 2 ships, and then the Syndicate got saddled with a cruiser that was very under-armed, and the Feds carried the day.