Combat Log 11302.02

Quite a few battles, allFree4Alls with some interesting events….

I have been making some progress in my OP2013 revision and had sent Belkov an update, and his comments back lent a scholarly, “let’s see what happens” air to the evening. We did get to run a couple of tests using Fleetpick, confirming (sadly) that both players need to have the same script.ini file for it to work properly, but when it did work, it worked perfectly.


Out of the bunch of games, some small notes:

– The Fed NCF was very well matched against the R-SPL+, the NCF leaving after running out of missiles.

– Likewise, the R-KCR found it’s match in the F-MonP and DDL. It turned into a long run-and-gun battle, one that might have ended with the KCR’s destruction, if the DDL hadn’t been blown up by Ion Storm damage (!)


Three hours and 11 minutes, with about 90 minutes of battles! Including the filed Fleetpick game, 7 battles in one night! Truly the Klingons will write many songs about this evening…



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