Combat Log 11301.12

A short meeting in the afternoon instead of the dark of night. Belkov was recovering from the RIgellian hork flu, so just a simple couple of battles. Both were Free4Alls, late era, 400 and 500 BPV. My Improved Fast Cruiser with the Akagi as a wingman took care of Superhawk-B, in part because of the late launching of his Vipers put them right in range of my ADDs before they armed.

Next round had my Fed NPF, DWV and FFR facing a DemonHawk-C. Good name, ’cause it was rather demonic. With my choice of ships, the AI would launch fighters as soon as it could; I tried to switch units and recall them as much as I could but the timing was always off. The DMH took damage while taking out my fighters, and then finally launching it’s PFs, and the balance turned in its favor. Fortuantely, since he had feared worse damage, Belkov had gotten close to one border edge, and when the tide turned and both of my carriers blew, the FFR was close enough to escape over the edge and make the jump to high warp.

I was prepared to make some tests using the CoOp Ace and Fleetpick scripts for future gaming events, but Belkov was not up to computer challenges, so we tabled that until next time. I’m quite excited about them, as Fleetpick will allow us to partake in some epic-sized battles, and CoOp seems, from my solo play with it, to be quite a challenge. As the weeks progress I’m sure we’ll get to test it soon. 


Combat Review 11200-11212

Looking back over the past solar year…

Two old adversaries, at it again

Two old adversaries, at it again

  • Gaming sessions:  13
  • Battles fought:       53
  • Free4Alls                 39   –  Montel  victories = 23,  Belkov victories = 16
  • Fests                           11   –  Montel  victories =    5,  Belkov victories =   6
  • Random Space Bat(s)  3        –  Montel  victories =    3

Vipers away!

All in all, nothing stands out in the games themselves. Part of my time this year was spent on the “Battlestar Technical Manual,” which would proved important data (as well as inspiration) to the OP upgrade project.