Combat Log 11212.29

FHDW being followedLast battle night of 2012

After finally sharing my ideas for our new fighters with Belkov, we discussed various aspects of the proposal, and, as a result, most of our battles had fighters or PFs in them. We also attempted to game via “GameSpy,” mainly because I remember that it would allow the host to insert AI teams into the game where GameRanger won’t; but GameSpy detected a firewall issue that we didn’t feel like worrying about, so went back to GameRanger.

The first battle was lopsided, his FireHawk vs my F-HDW. My F-111 got lost midway thru, so I was just flying around waiting for the inevitable. I swear I was far enough from the planet, but I guess not. We then switched to PFs, which I am happy to say we were both able to launch and use. Unfortunately for me, his PFs are tougher and/or mine are weaker; after a rapidly changing battle pass, I had a BCS with no support, and his wingmen and PFs were still with his KDP. I found the border and made a successful dash for it

F-BCS warping out

We tried again with PFs, and this time I thought I was smart – I got 2 NPFTs and loaded them up with PF-A & Ds, plus a FFR. Belkov had a TH and a SBH. I let my wingman PFT launch PFs when it wanted to, hoping it would soften the targets for the second wave. That didn’t work so well, but mainly because of my PFs rapid attrition rate. One of the Starhawks used by Belkov was the B variant; in this shiplist it has an impressive 4 Plasma-Fs. I saved 2 PFs for when we got to knife-fighting range; another miscalculation on my part, because one was obliterated within seconds of being launched. For the second time that night, “success” for me was making it to the border with a pack of ships & PFs behind me.

We went for a Tiny Fest for the last battle, my Feds vs Klingons. I got a lucky draw in the first wave, a FFB versus a Bird Of Prey, and I felt that I kept an upper hand for most of the re-spawns. When our final ships were a NAC  against an older AD6 I thought I would prevail, but, well, sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes… I’m still not sure what went wrong for me, a battlepass that got too close or getting hammered by t-bombs at one point. There was a LOT of ADD flak in the ether and few missiles hitting in that round, I must say.

That aside, some fun gaming occurred. I feel more than ready now to implement a new line of ships and fighters (hopefully more balanced too), and to move us from the random “let’s you and me fight” battles into a campaign of some sort.


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