Fighter thoughts 11212.26


After giving it some more thought, some additional notes on the Fed fighters in the last game…

It was the F14C that vexed Belkov the most; at the time I agreed the BPV was too low but it wasn’t as low as I feared – 9 instead of 6. The specs on it are:

  • F-14C Spd 30, 1xPhG FX, 1xDroI(2 shots), 1xDroI(2 shots), 4xDroVI(1 shot) Dmg 12 BPV 11

In SFB, a F14C with 2xI, 2xVI and 4xIII Drones runs 15, plus 1 for the boosterpacks for speed 30. However, the BIG difference in SFC (besides the AI control of fighters) is that the fighter drones work differently, and, according to the literature, do ¼ damage against ships. While in game, a fighter group of 4 letting loose a swarm of 12 drones is scary, if they are doing a max of 12 damage per fighter, as opposed to the ship killing 38 each in SFB. I’ll have to do some more testing to confirm this ¼ damage concept, but I believe that fighter drones are less powerful.

At 9 BPV, the F14C as currently fielded is too low, and should be 12-13 at least, more comparable to the standard Raven, Jay, etc fighters. Since I am about to release the new 2013 ship and fighter list, I’ll be adjusting all the fighters anyway, and combat will be the best playtesting I can come up with.


  • Fighter Drone I does 4 damage against ships
  • Fighter Drone VI does 8 damage against ships
  • Fighter can carry DroneC rack, fires full strength drones (12)


  • Fighter Drone I does 4 damage against a fighter made by me
  • Fighter Drone VI does 8 damage against a fighter made by me

I was a little thrown by the fact that the Fighter Drones do the same damage against fighters as they do ships; planning a little more playtesting to make sure it wasn’t the fighter I made that caused that.

Additional Confirmation

The 4 & 8 damage ratings on fighter drones seems consistent, doing that to both fighters and ships. I’m not sure if the update changed this and if there’s a way around it.


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