Combat Log 11212.22

Four battles on a Saturday night, First 3 were Free4Alls, the last one a Fest Light.


A-Free, 350 BPV. Fed CVB with F14C & Pol+ VS Col SP: & 2 SEA. The F14s did a number on the SPL early on, so the CVB was able to do some real damage


B-Free, 1200 BPV. Fed BB, XDD, and SCS w/ F18, F14, A10 & Raven.III VS Col Battlestar 5m & SPJ. After some jockeying, the SPJ was taken out and constant sniping by the fighters led to a rare sight, the aft end of Invincible as it was running away

C-Free, 250 BPV. Hyd XDD & Fed FSPh VS Col SPU. Another short-lived Colonial ship.

In both A & C we had crashes the first time we played them. After some troubleshooting, I found that Cabot was running a different (newer) shiplist. I had introduced some new ships but thought we had reverted to an earlier list; hopefully we can resolve this by just going on to a brand-new list in 2013.

The last battle of the night was a Battefest Light; I chose it because sometimes the transitions between frigates and cruisers, and cruisers and dreadnaughts, can create interesting tactical situations. One drawback was that I left the era set to “Advanced,” which meant X ships for both of us, but at least it was a fair fight.

in the end the tally was 3 for Montel, 1 for Cabot. We spent some time chatting about some other intredimensional activities, which I enjoy, including the next so-called “trek” film, but the late hour and a failing battery on the communicator ended the evening at 3 hours and 46 minutes.


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