Combat Log 11211.17

Don flying a Fed CB

Don flying a Fed CB

Tonight I wanted to test out some Fed fighters, particularly the ones I added to mimic the SFB F14C.

In battle A I did fairly well with a CVB and 8 F14 versus a SP-E with Interceptors and Vipers, although it was a much longer lasting battle than I had imagined, with the SPE managing to escape off map;

in Battle D I had a Fed SCS with a Hydran NEC+ for escort, plus 12 F14, and 4 F111, versus a flight of a FHKD, a SPA+ and a SPC. I made the “mistake” of switching command to the Hydran at one point, at which the SCS then launched all of my fighters, which made short work of the Firehawk and SPA (which I didn’t even so blow up). Overall I learned that Fed fighters can be very effective if they are more like SFB versions, and, I need to raise the BPV of the fighters. I think it also demonstrated to Cabot the problem of a ship’s BPV not accurately reflecting the embarked craft

In battle B I flew a Fed NPF with it’s loadout of 4 PFs; Cabot was flying a R-XDP but the planet snuck up on him during a turn early on, so we restarted it. (There may have been a visual glitch on his end that made the planet look farther away? I couldn’t tell the distance from my angle). Replaying it as C, Cabot flew a Camboro CAZ and XFF; again, the Fed attrition units did all the work. He noted that the PFs seemed to survive pretty long in the battle, part of the problem I was trying to correct in the Eagle/Hawk revision. I’ll double-check the Fed PF shield and power ratings.

Just for giggles, the last game was a SlugFest, with me flying ISC and Cabot playing Feds, for a (unplanned) change of pace. His first ship, a CB didn’t do so well against my CAY, but in the course of fighting we drifted to one end of the map. When he respawned, it was too far away to scan each other. Somehow I managed to cross the map without seeing him until I circled around again, killing about 10 minutes. We both progressed to DNs and BBs, with Cabot spawning first, so I had a bit of a lead. When it came to the BBs, we circled each other briefly then just dove in and pounded each other. My PPDs and Plasms S probably gave me an edge, although Cabot landed some solid photon hits (to make up for his earlier complete misses. Yeah, Cabot, welcome to my world.) I squeaked it out, after almost 63 minutes.

A good gaming night, only slightly disturbed on my end my the “Jersey Shore” neighbors making a ruckus after midnight. (After a failed attempt by Moneypenny to ask them to quiet down, a visit from the police did the trick). Cabot and I caught up a little on the past week and the upcoming holidays, until the bourbon and late hour wore me down.

I feel more ready now to start implementing the various changes and new ships, although I stil need to check on feedback from Cabot on the Battlestar Technical Manual, in case he has any major requests. Next on my to-do list; forward the idea I had for fighter loadouts for the various Battlestars, along with a more refined fighter list.

Captain Nakai, SD 11211.18, 0300 hours